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Friday, November 20, 2015

{Let's Go Shopping} Christmas at Target!

Walk in any department store these days and chances are you'll be greeted with the smells of fresh pine and glistening Christmas lights and décor.  It's my favorite time of year and I can't wait to create new memories with my family.  I've already started decorating our home and look forward to listening to Christmas music and carrying out our many holiday traditions.  I've always loved listening to Christmas music and remember even as a child listening to it year round.  Don't laugh, but I used to listen to an Ann Murray CD at night, it was the perfect way to fall asleep.

Target definitely hit it out of the park this year with their Christmas décor.  Even their Dollar spot area is fantastic and full of great inexpensive finds!

I love all the neutral and metallic decor, but nothing beats the classic colors of Christmas.

And what shopping trip would be complete without sharing what I bought?  Keep in mind that I only went into target for toilet paper, oops. 

I already have one black and white striped throw, but when you have a thing for stripes and fringe you just can't resist adding another one to the collection.  And that owl, how cute is he?  

The rest of the items came from the Dollar spot (some where actually $3.00).  That little area gets me every time!  

Here's a few of my favorites:
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Have a lovely weekend!


  1. wow nice stuff i adore those plaid plates and was straining my eyes to see how much that gold deer head was lol xx

  2. LOVE it all! One cannot just go into Target and come out with what was on the list. There's always something new and exciting just waiting to jump in the cart! Great finds!

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