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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Getting Myself Organized For Back to School

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My kids are heading back to school in less than 2 weeks.  It's always a bittersweet time as summer ends and the start of the new school year begins.  This year, I have been feeling extra anxious getting my youngest prepared for kindergarten.  It's always hard the first time they step on the bus and you let them go.  No longer there to protect them all day.  To brush off their knees when they fall or congratulate them on a job well done.  Trusting that my kids will be safe when I'm not around is a constant struggle.  It's something every parent has to go through, and although I've done it before, it's always hard the first time they get on the bus and you watch it pull away.  I love watching them grow and learn, but part of me just wants time to stand still.

Getting organized for back to school

In an effort to get myself prepared for back to school, I'm working on organizing our recently added  mudroom.  I tend to get overwhelmed by hectic mornings and countless papers and find that when I stay organized our home flows better.   It doesn't help the craziness of trying to get two kids up on time, dressed, fed, teeth brushed and out the door to catch the bus, but at least I now have a spot for their shoes and bags.  You have no idea how many times we just made the bus because we could only find one shoe.   I was always feeling frantic and overwhelmed before even leaving for work.
An organized mudroom for back to school
The space still has a way to go, but at least now I have a place to put each of the kids lunch bags and book bags.  We always enter our home through the garage, making it the perfect spot for the kids to take off their shoes and hang up their bags.   I'm hoping that by keeping things neat and organized our mornings will be smoother and we can all start off our day a little brighter. 

If you have a mudroom or area that needs a bit more organizing, check out a few of my favorite storage cubbies and bins that Wayfair offers.  

                           An organized mudroom for back to school

How do you prepare for back to school?  Do you feel the need to get more organized?  


  1. Back to school feels more like the start of a new year than New Year's Day to me! It's always a great chance to get organized! LOVE the storage cubbies and hangers you picked out Katie! Definitely going to need to get some for our mudroom too!

  2. So cute, Katie! I love your new cubbies. Having a place to put all of the shoes and other random kid items is such a time (and sanity) saver. Even better when you can make it all look so cute, like you did. Loving the way this space is turning out!