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Friday, March 13, 2015

Garage Door Bling

Hey, happy Friday!  For the first time in months, we finally had weather warm enough to go outside without bundling in layers and freezing our butts off.  That meant we were able to tackle a few outside projects, mainly our garage doors.  Apparently, this is the week for door makeovers :)

When we had our garage doors installed I told the installers not to add the hardware.  I wasn't 100% sure I loved the look and knew there was no going back after the holes were drilled.  Well, after living with the clean lines of the doors I finally broke down and added the hardware.

They came with directions and a template, but it wasn't as easy as it looks.  The template was made for much smaller doors, which forced us to do a lot of measuring.  To a normal person this probably wouldn't have been a problem, but to a person with little patience it was a tedious task.   Have I told you how much I hate reading directions and measuring?  I blame that on my impatience, which I blame on my dad :)  Love you, dad!

Once we finally figured out where we wanted everything placed I made my husband be the one to actually do the drilling.  These doors were a major splurge in our budget and I was not about to ruin them.   I did the hard job of handing him the drill and screws.

After we got everything screwed in place I held my breath and stood back to check everything out.

What a huge difference a few little pieces of hardware make!
We still have a few projects to complete before we call this garage done, but we sure have come a long way from the days of demo and digging.

Have a faboulous weekend, friends!


  1. You totally made the right choice - that hardware makes those doors stand out so much more! LOVE how they turned out Katie!!!

    1. Thanks Kristi! It was a tough decision, but I definetely made the right choice by adding the hardware. Have a great weekend!

  2. Katie, I was jealous of your garage doors before, but now they're even better! That hardware turned out great!