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Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Monica closet makeover {Part 1}

It may be a little extreme to say this closet is my Monica closet, but to me it was getting pretty bad.  About a year ago I had attempted to get it organized by buying a few white storage boxes from Ikea, but that system quickly started failing and I ended up just throwing things on top the boxes.

This closet is supposed to be where I store my vacuum, but it's gotten so cluttered that the vacuum has been sitting either in my bedroom or the dining room.  Yeah, not the ideal situation.  I ended up moving the ironing board and step stools to the laundry room and then cleared out everything else so I could start with a clean slate.  I figured at least if the closet looked pretty I would want to keep it clean and organized.
I started by ripping out the original molding, coat rack and shelf then I spackled all the holes.   While the spackle was drying, I cut and installed the new base molding.  When I'm doing board and batten I find it much easier to install all the horizontal boards first.

I started by using my stud finder to mark all the studs.
Then I used the laser level and marked a level line on the wall.
Once I got everything level, I cut the rest of the vertical boards and nailed them in place with my nail gun.  (This is not true board and batten since I'm not installing the board, just the battens.)
I then puttied all the holes and caulked all the seams.  While that was drying I turned my attention to the wallpaper.  I bought this wallpaper from Target when it was on sale.   I thought it would be much easier and less messy than traditional wallpaper.  I'll just say, it was was first time using peel and stick wallpaper and I think it will be my last, at least for a while.

I decided to start at the top, making sure the paper was center and level.  I then slowly peeled off the backing and pressed the paper to the wall working my way down.
The first piece actually went on smoothly and I was pretty confident that the whole process wasn't going to be so bad.  Well, that all changed when I got to the rest of the walls .
Do you know how hard it is to install sticky wallpaper in a closet that doesn't have level and squared walls?   Let me just tell you, it's a nightmare!  As soon as I got one side matched up and level the other side was uneven or I couldn't get it smooth.  I may have said a few unkind words and it didn't help that I was working in an extremely tight space and whacked my head on the door frame no less than 3 times.
The worst part was getting the corners smooth.   I ended up cutting the paper where it met the wood then very carefully smoothed it out. 

After the paper was all up on the wall I took an exacto knife and cut the excess off just where it met the wood.
I then went back and measured and installed the vertical battens.   This is where I'll leave you off, but I'll be sure to share the complete closet next week!


  1. Looking good, Katie! That wallpaper is gorgeous. I can't wait to see it all finished!

  2. I LOVE that wallpaper. It's so gorgeous and what a great start to the closet!

  3. The wallpaper is actually beautiful! Looking great so far...I'm glad you have the patience for this project, because I don't! I know it will beautiful once it's all done.

    1. Thanks Christie! I'm not a patient person, so this project took every bit of me not to tear the wallpaper off the wall in frustration! I'm just glad it turned out :)