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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Garage Framing and More Issues

I can't believe I'm actually typing this....the garage is framed, well almost.  You have no idea how good it feels to finally see progress after so many delays and ridiculous demands from the county.

Our framer neighbor came over Monday morning to start framing and we thought for once everything would go as planned.  Well, we should have known there would be issues and sure enough, there was.  

Issue One: 

The custom built trusses (that we paid an engineer to design not once, but twice) were not made correctly.  The whole reason we tore down our existing structure and side porch and paid an engineer to design trusses was to not have a bulk head in my kitchen.  You have no idea how frustrated and irritated my husband and I were after finding this out.

After the engineer came out and talked to our framer they agreed on a new design and we are currently waiting on new trusses to be built.  There is still going to be a slight slant in the kitchen ceiling, but were hoping that can be disguised by adding additional molding to our cabinets.  

Issue Two:

The lumber company sent us the wrong 2x4's.  Our framer had to go out to Home Depot to get the correct 2x4's, which cost more than what they would have from the lumber company we used.  Now we have to fight with the lumber company to pay the difference since it was their screw up.

Issue Three:

When the trusses for the garage were built they added an additional foot, which raised the roof of the garage.  It's now higher than we originally planned and makes the garage much larger than we had anticipated.  My husband is thrilled about this issue, I on the other hand think our garage is a little too large for the size of our house. 
Even with all these issues, we could not be happier with how things are going.  It's so nice to finally be able to see things come together.
(the door opening will lead to the mudroom and the kitchen will extend to the framed wall on the left)

I was having a hard time visualizing the set back to the mudroom and now that it's framed out I am getting so excited to plan the space.  It's much smaller than I envisioned, but I'm determined to make it a great space.

The rear garage door currently leads to a pile of dirt and decorative grasses, but we have plans to extend the deck beyond the door.
Even though this process has been dragging on for months, the thousands of dollars that we have been able to save has made it totally worth the wait.  Plus, now I have extra money for the kitchen renovation :)

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