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Monday, June 2, 2014

We finally have walls (well, sort of)

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Ours was pretty low key, but I did manage to finish my pallet table and convince my husband to change our hall light fixture (updates later this week).  We made absolutely zero progress on the garage, which was a major bummer.  The last time we did anything with the garage was last weekend.  The guys came and laid the block foundation walls and now we actually have the beginning of our foundation complete.  As I said before, my husband is acting as general contractor on top of his day job as a project manager, so most things are being completed on the weekend.   He's been able to complete a fair amount of work himself, which has been a huge financial benefit.  The garage is moving along slowly, but I keep telling myself we are saving money and that is way more important than getting it done sooner.

The block was delivered last saturday afternoon just in time for the guys to come on Sunday.

They worked liked machines and got all the block laid by the early evening.  It's so nice to finally see the space come together and feel like were actually making progress.
Now our yard looks like a complete and utter mess. 
We have pallets, dirt piles, covered concrete bags, tools, trash, scrap wood and random crap just laying around.  On the plus side,  I now have a few pallets for projects.  Can you believe Home Depot charges a $15.00 pallet fee?  I was determined to make something out of those pallets, especially since they charged us for them.  If you look carefully you can see the start of my project.  

We actually ran out of block when the guys were installing it, so my husband ran out to get another pallet.  That still wasn't enough and we were a few short for the inner footers.  We ended up using about 18 bags of concrete to form the center footers.

My husband was able to knock out the other two during the week.  Next is the fill dirt, stone and concrete slab then finally the framing.  When you are the one scheduling contractors you learn real quick that they don't always show up when they say they will.  We were supposed to have a local company come out on Saturday to check out how much dirt we'll need, but they never showed.   They are now supposed to come early this week to deliver 5 dump truck loads of dirt.   I don't know about you, but that seems like a ton of dirt.  I'm crossing my fingers that they actually show and we can get back on track.

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