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Monday, June 30, 2014

{Garage Progress} Preparing and pouring concrete

It's inspection day, so I thought it was fitting that I give you all a little garage update.  The last time you saw our garage progress we had laid the block walls and were waiting on dirt, lots of dirt.

That was about three weeks ago and not too much has changed besides having a few dump truck loads of dirt and stone delievered.  When I say a few, I mean 7 dump truck loads of fill dirt and 1 load of stone.  Do you have any idea how much 7 loads of dirt looks like?  I didn't either until my yard was full of dirt, literally.

My husband worked incredibly hard on weekends and evenings excavating our yard and filling in the hole. 

He also had 2 very cute helpers, so I guess technically he didn't do it all himself. 

After the hole was full of dirt he had to level it out and use a machine to pack it down.  The dirt needed to be four inches below the top of the cement wall then four inches of stone.
Once he had the dirt level and packed down he used the bobcat to move the stone on top the dirt.   The stone also had to be packed down and level.    After that was complete the guys came back and added another row of block and rebar into the existing concrete. 

Now we were FINALLY ready to have the concrete poured.  After a few rain delays the guys came out last thursday and did an amazing job.

You have no idea what a difference the concrete makes.  We finally feel like we are getting somewhere and it doesn't just look like a muddy hole in our yard.   The inspector is coming today to hopefully (crossing fingers) sign off on the foundation.  I'm not too optimistic since they are requiring us to tear up a few sections in the old concrete to add additional footers (even though footers already exist).  I have to say, the worst part of doing this addition is the paper work and inspections to keep everything legal.  We've had so many delays due to nonsense requirements.  I just can't wait for this part to be over with so I can get to the designing and decorating part.

On a positive note, we got a call that our trusses are in as well as our mudroom and front door.   I can't wait to pick up our doors and see them in person.

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  1. We've never built on to our home, so I can only imagine the frustration of having to wait for all the inspections to be done, I'm sure you guys will love it when it is all done though! Love the new About page too!

    1. I hope your right! I can't wait to decorate and organize!