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Monday, June 9, 2014

Another DIY bookshelf

Wow, that weekend went by fast.  There were a ton of projects and things around the house I wanted to get done and accomplished absolutely nothing.  Instead, I went to dinner with a great friend, took my daughter to a birthday party and went to a cookout with family and friends.   All things that are far more important than any project.  I'm hoping to get a few things done this weekend and have a garage update for you all next week.

A few weeks ago I made shelves for my daughter's room and realized I never shared the ones I made for my son.  I wasn't planning on making him shelves, but while I had all the supplies out I decided to make 2 smaller ones for his room.  I pretty much followed the same steps, but I did alter them slightly to make them shorter and deeper.

Both of my kids rooms are fairly small and these shelves are a great way for them to see their favorite books without a bookshelf taking up valuable space.

***You can go here to see the full tutorial on similar shelves I made for my daughter's room***

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