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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A few Garage Purchases...

I finally bit the bullet and made a few garage purchases.   It's really hard for me to spend money, so when I have to fork over hard earned cash for large purchases it honestly gives me anxiety.  If you follow me on Facebook you know that I recently went to Home Depot to get the lights and ended up freaking out.  I put everything back and walked out.  What is wrong with me?  I had the same reaction when we ordered our new kitchen appliances a couple years ago.   I almost went into a full blown anxiety attack.   I'm someone who is very indecisive, so when I have to spend a lot of cash on something, I worry it's the wrong decision and get very anxious.  Please tell me I'm not alone!

My husband usually doesn't care what I buy or decide for the house.  He pretty much gives me full reign, but he did have a request for the lights.  He wanted something that was either dusk to dawn or motion sensored.  I searched and searched and came to the conclusion that all the lights that fit his requests were just plain ugly.  I gave up looking and was going to order lights from lightingdirect.com until I stumbled upon the perfect light at Home Depot.  It had the same lines as the garage doors and was not only motion sensored, but also had a 6 hour dusk to dawn timer.  Perfect!

I could only pick up 3 lights and the new lantern for the light post since I had my little side kick with me.  A few days later we went back again and picked up the rest of the lights.  I'm getting motion sensor lights for the front of the house and the smaller regular lights for the back garage door and rear dining room and bedroom door. 

I also picked out the new door hardware for the front door.  The mudroom door will probably just have a simple knob and dead bolt.  
I love this design, but after reading horrible reviews I may take it back and look into something similar. 

Now for my favorite part....the doors!

This has been another challenge (surprise, surprise!).   We had to design our addition with 2 front doors due to the placement of our electrical box.  It was never my first choice, but I've learned to live with it and work with the design.  I really didn't want the front doors to be the same, but in the end I liked the doors so much, I just went for it.  Until, I got home and changed my mind.   Are you seeing a trend?
{Front Door}

{Mudroom Door}

I originally wanted the craftsman style door for the mudroom, but after discussing it with my husband he thought I would regret not having the extra light in the kitchen.  So, after placing my initial order and paying for 2 of the craftsman doors I had to call Home Depot to change my order.  Sadly, this is not the first time I've done this.  I also changed our kitchen appliance order after it was initially placed.  At least I'm consistent. 

We went with Fiberglass doors as they are better quality and will last forever.   They are more expensive than metal, but they are more durable and don't heat up like metal doors.  (our current entry door is metal and gets really hot, which has melted the glue).  It ended up being just over $1200 for the two doors, which in my opinion is a lot of money, but totally worth the extra cost.  We actually just got a call last night that the doors are in and I can't wait to go pick them up to see them in person. 

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