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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Finally Making progress

I feel like this garage is taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to get started.  We've dealt with zoning issues, permit issues, scheduling conflicts and rain delays.  It's hard to believe that this whole discussion started in December and hear we are mid May just pouring concrete.

The other week my husband used a backhoe to dig the footers, but after a failed inspection and torrential downpours we had to delay the concrete.  I am so thankful for my husband acting as GC for the time being and doing so much work and scheduling himself.  All on top of his stressful day job.

Over the weekend he cut and laid all the rebar in the footer holes.

Concrete was being poured on Tuesday morning, so he needed to make sure he had everything done before then.  

Tuesday morning, bright and early the concrete was delievered.  We thought we would need three truck loads, but thankfully we only ended up needing two.

My son was pretty excited about this part!
Apparently, he thought it was a new race track.
Sometime within the next week the block will be laid and we'll be that much closer to the framing.  We still have to get through another obstacle with the county that were currently fighting.  They want us to dig up the concrete in the middle of the old carport to add another footer.   Makes absolutely no sense since there's footers under the prior carport/porch that was torn down.  

In the meantime, the trusses are ordered and are being custom built (so I won't have a bulk head in my kitchen), the wood for the the framing is ordered and the garage doors have been ordered.   At least things on my end are slowly moving along.  Now if I can just decide on the front doors and lights!

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