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Friday, May 16, 2014

A Homegoods trip recap and a few new purchases

The other day I went to Homegoods and was finally able to stroll up and down the isles without kids asking 10 times to go to the toys.  It was glorious!  Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, it's just nice to get out shopping when your not on a time crunch or breaking up fights.

I've been trying to limit my living room, kitchen and dining room purchases until were done with the kitchen remodel, but it's SO hard!  Were going to be opening up some interior walls and buying new furniture and I don't want to buy things now that I'll regret later.   That never stops me from looking though!

Homegoods always has a great selection of inexpensive accent rugs.  My favorite was this 5x8 green and white rug for $49.99.  Too bad it's not an indoor/outdoor rug or I would have snagged it for our deck.
They also had a large variety of hooks in fun colors.  

And how about these great storage ideas?
And poufs?  Gotta love the poufs!
So, what did I buy?

I said I was trying to limit my purchases for the interior rooms, but I didn't say anything about the garage.  My husband has very graciously offered up (okay, I demanded) space in our garage.  I will actually have a whole wall designated for my own work bench!  I'm not sure who's more excited about this garage build, myself or my husband.

 As soon as I saw these green metal storage drawers my eyes lit up.  They attach to the wall and I'm planning on using them in the garage to store all my small tools, nails, hooks, etc.
 I also grabbed this rustic box to set on my bench to organize my hammers, screw drivers,  tape measure, etc.  All the things I use often and need to grab quickly.
The rug was just an addition for the floor to add a pop of color and fun to the space.

I haven't totally planned this space yet, but I do have some ideas of what I want.  I'm really excited to finally have a place to cut, drill and do all my messy projects without creating disasterous messes in the house. 


  1. Oooo, pretty! Inever think to go to home goods, I love the storage stuff. I saw something on another blog where they used something like that last picture to store shoes in (vertical). I'm thinking something like that might work for my son. Congrats on getting out sans kids. I'm following you over from Mommysavers. :)

    1. Hey Hillary! Thanks for stopping by! If you have a Homegoods in your area you MUST go and check it out! I used a box similar in the last picture to store my sons little cars and trucks. I added caster wheels to the bottom and it works out great.