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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easy DIY Chalkboard

About three or four years ago I picked up an adhesive chalkboard to put in our basement. We were in the middle of finishing the basement and my idea was to put a chalkboard down there for the kids.  Well, that never happened and the chalkboard sat in our back room until now.

I got the idea to put the chalkboard adhesive in my daughters room after staring at her blank closet door.  Her door is flat and the only original door left in our house, making it the perfect spot for a chalkboard.  I had to cut the adhesive chalkboard in half, so I can still make another one if I want to.

I used the same poplar boards that I used for my daughters accent wall, only in a smaller size.  I cut them down and painted the front coral and sides gold.
Once everything was dry, I glued the pieces to the door using wood glue and used frog tape to hold it in place until it was dry.

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the sides are painted gold.

I wrote "I love you to Pluto" a saying that Paige says a lot to me at night, while she drew the hearts.  

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