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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Keeping Tax Papers Organized...

Since most people have either already completed their taxes or plan on doing so soon, I wanted to share what I do to keep all our important tax paperwork organized.  I know what works for me won't necessarily work for everything, but maybe it will give you some ideas on staying organized.  About two years ago I picked up three accordion folders from the Target dollar section to keep all our tax documents together.

I used my label maker to print out 12 consecutive years.  I know this is excessive, but since I had room I decided to just keep records for 12 years.

 I also have a donations folder that I use to keep track of all our donations.  Not only do we donate monthly to certain organizations, but I also donate a lot of clothes and household items throughout the year.  Each time I donate, I use this Salvation Army donation guide to determine the value of each item then type up an itemized list.

I also use an amazing printable {found here} that Jen created over and I Heart Organizing.  This tracker has been a life saver.  Before, I would just throw my donations in the folder, not really keeping track of everything.  Using this tracker sheet has not only kept me organized, but also allows me to see what we have donated so far and if we need to step up our donations.

All my tax papers are now stored all nice and neat in a magazine file on a shelf in my newly organized office closet.

This system has worked out great for the past few years and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.  

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