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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Planked Cubby Wall Part One...

We finished our basement about three years ago, but never fully finished the built in cubby.   Part of the problem was that I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do with the space.  I originally wanted to build custom shelves, but then changed my mind and decided to go with a plank wall.   I am a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe and have been collecting the Marilyn Merlot wine for years.  A new bottle comes out every year and I have at least one of each year back to 2002.   I REALLY wanted a way to display them and finally decided the built in cubby was the best place.

I wasn't exactly sure what type of wood I wanted to use, so I took a trip to Home Depot to see what they had.  There were a few options I could have gone with, but ultimately I decided to use tongue and grove boards.  They ran about $8.00 per 6 foot board and even though they were more expensive than using plywood or poplar boards, I thought they would look nicer and be easier to work with.  An added bonus was that I could pick up 8 boards on my lunch break and fit them in my Hylander.  I was sold.

I didn't pick up the trim pieces when I bought the rest of the wood, so I sent my husband out the next day to see what they had.  I told him either to get the smallest corner round or something flat that may work.  I'm not sure what type of trim he picked, but it worked out great.

Once I had all my supplies, I was ready to start putting up the boards.

I marked the studs and drew small "X's" down the length of the cubby.  Then it was time to measure my boards.  I knew that the cubby was not exactly even and level, so I had to measure each board as I went.

After the first board was cut, I made sure it was level then nailed it in place.  Thankfully, the boards fit snug to the wall so they didn't shift while I grabbed the nailer.

Once I was done with my first board I used a rubber mallet to make sure they were all tight and level before nailing the rest in place.

I had some help with the hammering.  Notice that he gave up on his kid hammer and wanted to use the big boy tools.

This part went really fast and smooth until I got to the last board.  I knew it would be too long, so I measured and asked my husband to rip the board for me.  He only had to cut off about a 1/2 inch and the board fit perfectly.  Once I had all the boards nailed in place it was time to cut the trim pieces.

It was going good until I got to the last piece and cut it too short.  I may have said a few swear words at this point.  I was not about to go out and buy more wood, so I just worked with what I had.

A little wood putty and caulk and all was good.

 I filled all the nail holes with wood putty and also went over some of the knots to smooth them out.  Wood putty is sand-able and caulk is not, so make sure if it's something you're going to need to sand that you use wood putty.  I only used caulk around the outer trim pieces.

I painted all the outer trim and inside each grove with a brush and rolled the rest.

I may have had help with this part too!

(Love this kid!)

Here's the same corner that I cut too short.  It's amazing what a little caulk can do!

Here's the bare wall before:

And now:

I'm so happy with how this wall turned out and it's exactly how I envisioned it to look.  After the paint was dry I installed the wine racks and now my wine bottles are finally displayed.  I'll be back on Friday to show the final results. 

****You can go here to see the finished project****

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