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Monday, February 24, 2014

Master Bath Mini Makeover Reveal...

Before I get to the bathroom, I wanted to talk about a little blog house keeping for a minute.  If you read my blog regularly (THANK YOU!) you may have noticed that I have been switching things up quite a bit.  I have never been happy with the look, so I spent some time this weekend tweaking a few things.   One addition that I really wanted to figure out were adding the social media buttons, which are at the top left corner.   Learning HTLM code is all new to me and I am trying to figure things out as I go.  Some photoshopping in PicMonkey and a few Youtube videos later and thankfully it all worked out.  The other is the blog title, which I think I am finally happy with.  

I've been done with my master bathroom makeover for about a month now, so I guess it's finally time that I share it with you all.   If you remember, I was trying to pull off an inexpensive makeover on $100.00 or less.  After I completed the master bedroom makeover I decided my bathroom needed a refresh.  I just wasn't happy with how the bathroom looked with the newly updated bedroom.  So, keeping a strict budget in mind I decided to freshen up the room and give it a little more personality.  Now I love walking into this room every morning and seeing the bright touches of green and yellow.  I did purchase a few new items, but I'm happy to report that I succeeded on spending less than $100.00 on this mini makeover!

Here's the breakdown...
  • Shower curtain rod $14.99 (Homegoods)
  • Soap pump $7.99 (Homegoods)
  • Tooth brush holder $5.99 (Homegoods)
  • Yellow and white wrapping paper $2.99 (Homegoods)
  • Zig zag bath mat $29.99 (West Elm)
  • Feather Gray stripe shower curtain $39.99 (West Elm)
  • L brackets for curtain $3.00
TOTAL: $101.95

BUT...I had a $50.00 West Elm gift card, so my grand total comes to...$51.95!!!!  

I'm not including the items that I already had in this total.  I guess technically I did spend money on them, but since that was months/years ago it doesn't count, right?  

You may remember the deer from when I completed the custom steel shelves for my son's room.   I hung it on his wall then he walked in and HATED it.  He cried and refused to sleep with it in his room so it had to be removed.   I even waited a few weeks and slipped it back up on the wall, but he wasn't fooled.  He noticed it right away and told me to take it down.  I know some may think it's strange to have a deer head in their bathroom, but I LOVE it!

I updated the original picture and basket to save money and only spent $2.99 for a roll of wrapping paper.  I also used the paper to line the back of the shelves in the medicine cabinet and the bottom of the vanity.

The knobs were purchased at hobby lobby months ago at 50% off.  I forgot I had them until I looked through my bags of fabric and found the perfect gray, yellow and green fabric from Joann Fabrics.  I then realized that I had the knobs, which matched perfectly with the fabric.

For the curtains, I used previously purchased fabric that I had laying around to make my first London shade. 

The only blue in the room are the walls, but it all meshes together.  There is a ton of blue in our bedroom which helps the blue and yellow coordinate in the bathroom.   

I could not be happier with how this room turned out!  It has come a VERY long way from the original 1970's bathroom.


  1. It looks great! Love the little knobs from HL, sometimes it is just the little things that really "make" a room. Way to go on staying in budget! Things can really add up fast.
    I'm with you on learning HTML and blog design stuff--sometimes it is like learning another language!

    1. Thanks! Hobby Lobby is definitely my favorite place to look for knobs and at 50% off, you can't go wrong. I's a good thing I love blogging and am willing to teach myself. Otherwise I probably would have given up months ago, HA!

  2. I hated learning html code, but it's a necessary evil in blogland. Love your bathroom makeover! Would love for you to share at Fridays Unfolded!


  3. I love your bathroom makeover! It looks great and that is too funny about your son not liking the deer head in his room. :)