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Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Favorites {Recent Pins} and a Garage update...

Happy Friday!  I'm so excited it's Friday and can't wait to get our weekend started.  We have no real plans and that's how I like it.   Lately, I've been busy searching Pinterest and other sources looking for inspiration ever since we decided to move forward with the garage, mudroom and kitchen addition.   We just found out two days ago that there is an issue with zoning and we'll have another month delay.  The county law states that you can't build within 20 feet of your property line and we'll cross that line by 6 feet.  We had to file an application with the county, which of course cost money, then wait for a hearing to see if we can build over the line.  That means they'll send certified letters to our direct neighbors and post a sign in our yard at least 14 days prior to our April 2nd hearing date.  If no one objects then we'll be able to FINALLY move forward.  So, that means I have plenty of time to do some searching as to what I want and have came across some great pictures and ideas that I wanted to share.

One of the decisions we'll have to make is weather or not to add an additional window in the kitchen.  My husband says it's needed to bring in more light, but I feared it would look awkward and take away valuable cabinet space.  I fell in love with this kitchen when I saw the double windows over the sink.  It's a great way to add extra light without having windows separated between cabinets.  

This kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!  I could sit and stare at it all day.  Literally.  I love everything about it and would love to incorporate some of the details into our future kitchen.  I've decided to go with white cabinets, but seeing this picture has made me think about possibly using gray on the lower cabinets.  

Just look at those pulls…


As soon as I spotted the navy and white striped wall I was hooked on this mudroom.   It goes to show you can have a large impact even with a small space.

The next three pictures have nothing to do with the renovations, I just stumbled upon them and wanted to share.

Out of all my friends, I am the least into fashion and style and would be the last one to turn to for advice.  So, me sharing this picture is a little out of my comfort zone, but when I saw this combination of leopard and stripes I couldn't resist sharing.  

                                          {Source}                                                  {Source}

The thought of making quilts never really crossed my mind until I saw these two.  Quilt making just may have to be in my future if I can get them to turn out as beautiful as these.  


I've been loving rooms with wallpaper (whoever would have thought) and love what Sherry did in her foyer.  Recently, I tried my hand at wallpapering a file cabinet and I think that gave me enough confidence to do it on the walls.   I remember moving into our house and cursing at the walls as I was trying to remove the wallpaper.  I can't believe I am even thinking about adding it back into our house.

You can follow me on Pinterest to see what else I've been pinning lately.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Oh bummer on the project setback! Hopefully all will turn out ok and you'll be able to proceed with no further problems. These renovations certainly can be frustrating...but with inspiration photos like that, you'll end up with a really amazing kitchen/mudroom!
    I'm with you on the quilt situation...not really into making them, but those are tempting!