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Monday, February 17, 2014

Covering up the Ugly and Laundry Room Plans...

I mentioned in my 2014 bucket list that I wanted to organize and update our unfinished laundry room. Finishing the room is on the very bottom of the to do list and really isn't a top priority at the moment, but while I'm on hold with other projects I decided to start working on the laundry room.   This room must be done on a very tight budget since we are putting all our time, energy and money into our addition, which is also on hold until the weather breaks and the snow melts.  Come on Spring!  My plan for the laundry room is to just paint the cinder block walls either white or light gray and update the rest of the room using fabric and fun accessories.

When I 'm designing a room I always start with a focal piece.  This time it was the moose fabric that I saw at Ikea.  It's girly and funky and not something I would normally use in my house, so I figured why not for the laundry room.

Black and white polka dot rugWhite CabinetDog Food TinPink framesWhite storage boxesBlack polka dot storage boxesPink moose fabricBlack Greek key fabricChrome pulls

Here's the color scheme I am going for:

Our house is small and our laundry room also doubles as our storage room.  I already have two large white cabinets that are currently being used as a pantry and storing extra clothes.   I've been searching for an old dresser that I can update to replace one of the white cabinets.  We need somewhere to put our off season clothes and the dresser would work as storage and double as a folding center.   I'm hoping to get rid of the second cabinet once we finish our kitchen.  The black Greek key fabric may be used for curtains and the Moose fabric will be used to make a skirt for the double laundry sink.  I'm even thinking of painting the back of the laundry room door a fun orange or kelly green to bring in a pop of color.

Speaking of making a skirt....I finished the skirt to go around our old laundry tub sink.  Now, here's the ugly part.

 I didn't do anything to prepare for this picture, hence the horrible amount of dust and dirt under the sink.  Just keeping it real.

I used Velcro to attach the skirt to the sink.

Obviously, I still have some work to do in this room, but it's coming along.  You may have also noticed that I picked up the white polka dot rug at Ikea for $20.00!  The next step is deciding on a paint color for the cinder block walls, and covering up the steps with fabric panels.  

I am almost done with the office closet, but am waiting on staples to restock more labels.  I took the last three packs and need two more.  As soon as I can get my hands on them I'll share the finished closet.  It's already been a life saver now that all my supplies have a home and I'm not searching the house irritated that I can't find my supplies.  


  1. It looks so much better with the skirt!! I love the fun print you chose...doing laundry is never fun so you may as well add some pretty into the laundry room to make it a little more tolerable! Looking forward to seeing how you put it all together!

    1. Aww, Thanks! Laundry is one of those never ending chores that I absolutely dread. I'm hoping the fun fabric and plans that I have will make the room more bright and tolerable.