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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

{DIY} Fabric Bags...

If you follow me on Facebook  you know that I purchased a few yards of fabric for some projects.  One of those projects were bags that I wanted to make for my kids.  We have tons of bags and totes around our house, but they were all way too large for what my kids were using them for.  They like to take toys with them where ever we go.  My son would end up taking a plastic grocery bag and use it to carry his metal trucks around.  I was tired of all the plastic bags being thrown around the house and decided to make each of them their own bag to carry their toys.  The bags I made were pretty simple, but you can certainly fancy them up with zippers, buttons, ribbon, flowers, snaps and other embellishments.  The possibilities are endless!

For each of the bags I used a half yard of the outer fabric and a yard for the upper, handles and lining fabric.  If you want to have the option of switching around your fabric like I did for my son's bag, I would just get a yard of each fabric to be safe.

Sew across the marked corners creating a triangle

Iron seams

Sew Straps

Turn right sides together

Iron top seam flat 
Sew about an 1/8" seam around top of bag and you're done!

(I followed instructions from Ashley's tutorial found here.)

I had intended to make this bag for my daughter not realizing how large it actually was.   When I was done she put it on her arm and said, "Mom, I think it's a little too big, it's past my knees!"  Whoops.  Now that I had an idea of how the bag was made, I altered it just a little to make it smaller, the front gathered and the shape less square.

After figuring out the math, I made my own pattern using leftover lining fabric then cut the fabric for the bag.  I made all the pieces smaller and knew I wanted to gather the front, so I had to make the lining fabric narrower on the top. (Top measures 12 inches, bottom measures 15 inches)

I also added a flower that I picked up at Joann's for $3.99.  I think I better learn how to crochet, so I can make these myself.

I love how her's turned out and it's the perfect size!

And since I couldn't leave my son out, here's the one I made for him.

I have to say, looking for boy fabric was HARD!  There were so many cute options for girls and hardly anything for boys.   I would find one fabric that I really liked and then no coordinating fabric.  I loved the navy and green arrow fabric and was determined to use it even though the solid green is not the exact color.  I'm sure my 3 year old won't mind. 

I actually had a lot of fun sewing these bags and am kind of bummed that I have no more to sew.  I may end up making some larger ones to leave in the car for groceries or other shopping trips.  You know, because you can never have too many bags.

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