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Monday, January 6, 2014

A few master bath updates...

As you know, I am in the middle of updating our very small master bathroom on $100 or less.  That meant getting creative, using what I have and buying things cheap.   While out at Homegoods the other week I spotted the perfect yellow and white wrapping paper.  I figured $2.99 for wrapping paper that could be used in multiple projects was worth the money.  The first project I tackled was the old picture that hung behind the toilet.

Here's what I was working with...

My plan was to replace the current picture with the wrapping paper.  I first had to remove the brown paper that covered the back of the frame.  Unfortunately,  once I got the paper off there were about 35 staples that also had to be removed.   Ugg!  I got out the pliers and pulled every staple out so I could remove the picture.

Once I got the staples out, I was surprised again to see that the original picture and matte were glued together.  Really?  This was supposed to be a quick 2 minute project that was taking much longer than I expected.

 Since I mutilated the staples when I pulled them out I had to get creative and come up with another solution to keep the picture and glass in place.   Only one thing came to mind....DUCT TAPE!  Hey,  I never said this project was going to be pretty.

The yellow and white stripes adds such a fun pop of color to the bathroom.

I also updated the basket on the back of the toilet with some gray paint and snagged a plant from the office shelves.

I used the wrapping paper somewhere else in the room, but I'll save that for another day.   I also finished the curtain and am thrilled with how it turned out.  I'll share the final result later this week and hopefully the rest of the room shortly after. 

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