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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Bucket List...

With every new year I have great plans of getting into shape, eating healthier, creating balance in my life, saving more money and keeping the house neat and organized.  I seem to keep on top of my plans and goals for a short time until gradually life takes over, I get busy and let things slide.  Let's be honest.  The pictures on my blog are taken when I'm off work, the kids are in school, I actually have time to clean AND no one is home to mess it up.  The reality is, I work (almost) full time, have two young kids with way too many toys, a large dog that sheds like crazy, a cat that likes to throw up hair balls and a husband that leaves a trail of socks.  My house is lived in and that's okay.  That doesn't mean it has to be disorganized.  So, this year my main goal is to organize my house and find a place for EVERYTHING.  I also have some fun projects planned that I hope to get accomplished.

1. Finally organize and finish the office.  This has been an ongoing project for about 2 years that I just don't ever have the enthusiasm to work on.  I did manage to get carpet installed last year and then it kind of got filled up with junk.  This year I really hope to install a closet organizer and have a place to put away all my craft and project supplies.

2.  Organize and "finish" the laundry room.  I admit I am a horrible laundry room keeper.  Laundry is one of those endless chores that I absolutely hate.  My laundry room also acts as my pantry and storage room, so it tends to get cluttered quickly.  The room is completely unfinished except for the floor.  About two years ago I laid peel and stick vinyl planks, which was a huge improvement to the cold hard concrete floor.

This year we should be able to eliminate the storage part and just use the room as a laundry room and pantry.  I plan on doing some projects in the laundry room that I'll share soon.  It involves this fun fabric that I purchased recently at Ikea.

Surprise.....It's not chevron!

3.  Add molding around basement beam.  We had the steel beam in our basement framed out a few years ago and I was never happy with how plain the base looked.  This project should be a piece of cake after tackling the board and batten in our dining room.

4. Finish the built in.  I've been throwing around ideas of finishing the built in space in our basement with either wallpaper and shelves or a plank wall as a backdrop to my Marilyn Merlot wines.  I haven't made up my mind yet, but I'm determined to finish it off.

5. Clear coat the upper cabinets of the bar.  I admit, I never clear coated the cabinets after we stained and hung them last year.  They looked finished, so there they hung, half done.  That tends to happen a lot around here!  It's not an exciting project, but I will get them done this year.

6. Possibly tile the wall behind the bar sink.  When I bought the tile for our hall bath remodel I totally over estimated how much tile we would need.  I have a ton of tile left that would probably work on the bar.

7. Hide all the TV wires downstairs.  You wouldn't know by looking at it, but I am hiding an ugly monster behind the bean bag chairs in the basement.  A birds nest of wires from the Bose stereo system that my husband just HAD to have.

8. Replace upstairs door handles.  When we moved into our house I replaced all the handles with brushed nickel ones.  I then spray painted them with oil rubbed bronze spray paint about two years ago.  They were fine for awhile, but now they are starting to chip, especially the hall bathroom one.  I would love to replace them with knobs and am debating between two different styles.

{1}, {2}

9. Wallpaper or stencil the hall bathroom closet.  I have always wanted to do something fun in the closet, so why not add wallpaper?

10. Finish the Master bathroom update.  I shared my plans here and hope to finish up the room in the next few weeks.  The only thing I really have to do is make the window treatment.

11. Decorate the wall behind the TV.  I would love to blend the TV into the wall better so it's not as noticeable and in your face when you walk into the living room. 

It will be interesting to look back at the end of the year and see what I was able to accomplish.  

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