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Monday, December 2, 2013

Vintage Toy Storage...

A few weeks ago I recapped my trip to The Vintage Market and showed you the wood crate that I bought from The Pink Cabbage. I've had an idea in my head for months and have been searching for the perfect wood crate.  I was thrilled when I finally found what I was looking for.  It had just the right amount of divided sections in various sizes.  It was perfect!

Here's the crate that I bought.

As soon as I got home I ran out to Home Depot to get my supplies.

(4) 1/2in caster wheels for $2.97 a piece.

When I got home I had some help putting them on.  No lie, as soon as I walked upstairs with the drill this kid started jumping up and down.  He loves his tools!  

(check out the activity board I made for him here)

That's all I needed....a crate and 4 caster wheels and I had a great storage solution for my son's cars and trucks.

  The best part?  It slips right under his bed!
I knew I would love this, but I didn't know Owen would love it as much or more than I do.  Every morning he wheels it out from under his bed and down the hallway to the living room.  He used to get so upset when he couldn't carry all his trucks from his bed to the living room.  Trying to reason with a three year old to make multiple trips was impossible.  

I am still looking for either rope or an old belt to use for handles, but for now, it works.

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