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Monday, December 16, 2013

Master Bath Before, After and Future Plans...

Our tiny master bathroom was the original bathroom from when our house was built in 1978.   Although, the real estate listing said otherwise and described the master bathroom as "updated." I don't know about you, but I wouldn't consider the bathroom updated.  The dated sink top, blue marble floor and bold floral wallpaper was enough to make me vomit cringe every time I walked into the room.  If that wasn't bad enough, there was no bathroom door, the acrylic shower was cracked and the vanity was rotting.   Updated?  I don't think so!


I  first removed the hideous wood toilet seat and floral wallpaper.   I did have to use this bathroom after all and who wants to sit on those germ infested wood seats while staring at that wallpaper?  Not this girl!  Next, my husband removed the fiberglass shower by cutting it with a saw-zal and removing it piece by piece.  

Once everything was ripped out we moved the water lines to the left wall of the shower to reduce the risk of our new vanity rotting.  My talented father did all the plumbing, molding and tile work.  Thanks dad for saving us a crap load of money!  I painted the walls Interesting Aqua by Sherwin Williams and accented the rest of the room in blue and grayish brown.


It's been this way for about six years and although I've always liked the simplicity and colors of the bathroom it now didn't seem to fit with the newly updated master bedroom.    My plan is to spend $100 or less updating this room, which means repurposing and reusing what I already have.  Luckily, I was able get a $50.00 gift card to West Elm though Mypoints rewards, which will help pay for the new shower curtain and rug.


Since the walls are blue and staying, I want to bring in more yellow/green and gray in the form of rugs, towels and art.

1. Light yellow ceramic knobs from Hobby Lobby. (I know they look lime green, but they are more of a yellow/green) I actually bought these knobs about a year ago hoping to use them somewhere in the house.  I was thrilled when I realized they matched the fabric perfectly.
2.Waverly summerscape fabric from Joann Fabrics
3.Zig zag bath mat from West Elm. 

I am working on the bathroom now and hope to have a sneak peak update later this week. 

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