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Monday, December 9, 2013

{DIY} Santa belt mason jar...

I hope everyone is staying warm and dry after all the nasty weather we have been having.  We had about 6 inches of snow last night and this morning I woke up to ice covered trees.   The weather didn't start to get bad until Sunday, which made it a perfect day to stay in and craft while the snow fell outside.

I LOVE getting gift cards, but I don't necessarily like giving them.  I always feel like I should be putting more effort into a gift for someone than settling for a gift card.  There are those times though that I know a gift card is what someone really wants.  When that is the case, I like to try and find creative and unique ways to give them.

There are five girls in our office that all go in and get gift cards for our boss.  He is hard to shop for and we know he loves gift cards.  This year I volunteered to put the gift cards together for him.  When I walked into Target and saw large mason jars on sale for around $5.00 I picked one up and knew exactly what I was going to do.  

I started with a mason jar, red tissue paper and red and gold scrapbook paper.  I decided to use tissue paper instead of painting the jar, just in case he wanted to reuse the jar.

The black paper was used for the belt and the gold for the buckle.  Once I had both pieces cut out I used double sided tape to tape the buckle to the belt.  I then wrapped the "belt" around the jar and glued the ends together.   I didn't like the unfinished look of the lid, so I spray painted it white.

I found these cute santa tags from Polka Dot Chair and thought they would be perfect to use on the jar.  You can visit her website to download the free printable!  To make them sturdier, I taped a piece of scrapbook paper to the back.

This would also be cute with the smaller mason jars if you are only giving one gift card.  We had 5 gift cards plus lottery tickets, so the big jar was definitely needed.