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Sunday, December 1, 2013

{DIY} Advent Calendar...

It's December 1st!!! Yay!  Let the 25 day countdown to Christmas begin.  I have to say I was starting to get worried that I was falling behind and would be in a mad rush to get everything done before Christmas.  Although, after this weekend I am almost done all my shopping, the tree has been bought and decorated and now I can concentrate on spending time with family and friends and enjoying the holiday season.

To start off the 25 day countdown I thought it was only fitting to share this year's advent calendar.

I say this year like I have made them in the past.  I admit, this is my very first DIY advent calendar.  I have always used store bought calenders in the past, but this year I really wanted to make one myself.  So, with a plan in mind I headed out to the local craft store to pick up my supplies.  I ended up getting small envelopes, scrapbook paper, washi tape and little clothes pins to use with other supplies I already had.  I couldn't find any numbers that I really liked, so I made my own in Microsoft word and cut each one out. 

Later that evening my daughter and I sat down at the dining room table to make the calendar.  It looked like an explosion of scrapbook paper!  There was no real rhyme or reason to how I made each card.  It was just fun to be creative and design each number a different way.  The envelopes came in a pack of 20, so instead of buying another pack I made cards for the other five days.

Some envelopes have special activities to do (watch a Christmas movie, bake cookies, ride around and look at Christmas lights, do a Christmas craft, ect) and others have little chocolate coins that the kids love. 

Once all the envelopes and cards were done I attached them to string using cute little clothes pins. 

The best part about this calendar is that it can be used from year to year! 

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