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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Owen's Room...

I just realized that I haven't shown you Owen's room.  How did I miss that?  At only about 9x10 it's packed full with some of my favorite colors and patterns.  Even though it's extremely small (were lucky the bed fit perfectly between two walls) it's always been one of my favorite rooms in the house.  When we moved into our house his room was part of one very large room.  It was first used as a spare room/office before our basement was finished.  When I found out I was pregnant with our daughter we began finishing the basement and the room became her nursery/spare room.   It stayed one room until I found out I was pregnant with our second child.  My husband and I always planned on having two kids, so we knew eventually we would have to do something with the room.

This is his room the day we looked at the house...

If you turn around this is what you saw...

It was a very large room with two beds, two windows, two vents and two closets.  We knew when we looked at the house that we could easily turn this room into two, which is exactly what we did.

So, while I was pregnant with my son we had a wall put up between both rooms, ran new electrical, replaced all the doors and molding, added crown molding and painted.   I was totally stressing out trying to get it all done before he was born.  

I'll spare you all the details and get straight to how it looks now.

When you first walk into his room his dresser is straight ahead.  It was my great grandfathers and originally had a cherry finish, which I painted over with Sherwin Williams Jalapeno.  It adds such a fun pop of color to his room.

 His rocking chair is to the left of the dresser.


I took a cork board and used push pins to add Owen's silhouette to create personalized art.

My mom made the curtain using fabric from a curtain panel that I got on clearance at Marshall's

Inexpensive cardboard letters purchased at Hobby Lobby were covered in some of my favorite scrapbook paper to create Owen's name for above his bed. 

His room is very small and extremely hard to photograph, hence the choppy pictures.  Besides removing the crib and changing table, and adding the dresser and bed his room has pretty much stayed the same.  I don't have any major plans to change his room since I love it the way it is, but I do have one project in mind.

Where the white shelf and silhouette picture are will soon be custom shelving.  I don't want to give too much away, but I am really excited to work on this project.  I will be using materials that I have never used, so it will be interesting.

***UPDATE***  You can check out the DIY steel shelves here.

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