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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A little Knob update....

As you know, I have been working on my master bedroom.  Well, last week I got a sudden itch to give my old brushed nickel knobs and handles a little update.  That little update meant turning them gold!  When I painted the furniture black about 10 years ago money was tight, so I bought the cheapest knobs and handles possible.  Since the original knobs were so inexpensive I figured turning them gold was a risk worth taking. 

So, last Friday while on my lunch break and with my 40% off coupon in hand I headed to a local craft store in search of some Rub' n Buff.  I really wanted the gold leaf Rub' n Buff, but they were sold out.  Since I have no patience to wait and go to another store, I bought the next best thing....antique gold.

I couldn't wait to get home and get started.  Of course I had to do my routine Friday night grocery shopping (don't be jealous of my exciting Friday night plans) before I could get started.  Once I got home and the kids where in bed I unscrewed all the knobs and sat down to watch Gold Rush and do a little Rub' n Buffing.  I just added a very small amount to my finger and then rubbed it onto each piece of hardware.   I let all the knobs and handles dry over night before putting them back on the furniture.

I was a bit nervous about the gold and unsure how the color would "fit" in the room, but once they were all on I loved them!   It's definitely a change from the normal ORB and brushed nickel finishes in the house.   It's also way out of my comfort zone to have gold ANYWHERE in my house. 


I didn't stop with the knobs and pulls.  I got a little carried away with the Rub' n Buff and also covered a previously spray painted lid to a glass jar and stainless steel corner braces that I had laying around. 

The corner braces were added to the little box next to my bed that holds the remote controls.


I love the change and think the gold goes much better with the color scheme of the room.  Although, I still love these Martha Stewart pulls from Home Depot and am seriously considering ordering them for the dressers.

The Martha Stewart pulls are less than $2.00 a piece, which is a steal for special order knobs.   I went to two Home Depot's looking for these pulls until I finally figured out they are SPECIAL ORDER!  I'm hesitant to order them, but we'll see...

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