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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Truth about the Office...

Okay, so I don't really have an office.  I like to pretend I have one, but in reality it's just a little carved out nook that I took over in my husband's office.  If I'm really going to be honest...I might as well admit that it's kind of been a dumping ground/office that I'm dying to get organized.  Left over projects, toys, tools and everything else gets thrown into this room.  It's definitely a thorn in my side. 

My husband does a lot of work from home so it really needs to be a space that he enjoys working in.  Since he allows me to pretty much have full reign of the rest of the house I think he deserves a little space just for him (and a little corner for me).

Yeah, it's bad (hangs head in shame).  Sadly, this is what my husband has been working in for the past few months. There was no staging or Photoshopping in these photos!  I left everything just how it is including the cozy coupe car and our Golden Retriever Molly!

It's slowly gotten more cluttered ever since I started working on our master bedroom.  Whatever I didn't keep in the room got tossed in the office.  If you haven't picked up on it yet, I can't just work on one project at a time.  I jump around constantly from one thing to another.  It drives my husband crazy!  So, while I'm working on the master bedroom (and still waiting for my rug to arrive) I decided to tackle the office.   

Here's the tentative plan:
  • Paint my husbands desk and get new handles.  The desk was given to me for free and since I can't pass up anything free, I graciously brought it home.  My husband actually likes the black and brown look so that might have to stay.  At the very least I want to change out the handles.
  • Organize!  A lot of stuff can probably be given to Goodwill or stored in the shed.  The large mirror was actually above our bar before we installed the upper cabinets.  I really love it, but can't find a good spot for it in the house. 
  • Install shelving in the closet.  Right now it's full of tools and craft supplies that are just piled up on the floor.  
  • Spruce up my office nook.  I would like to organize the desk drawers, put a cork board on the wall next to my desk and make the area more fun and inspirational.  
  • Hang Ireland pictures.  My husband LOVES golf and luckily enough he was able to go to Ireland for a golf trip.  I printed out a few pictures that he took from his trip and put them in frames.  They just haven't made their way onto the wall yet.  
  • Get a new file cabinet.  The one we have is broken and really old.  My husband bought it when he bought his first house.  It used to be a natural wood finish until I painted it black.  It worked for awhile, but now it's just too small.  
  • Get a new office chair.  Ever since I moved my thrift store chair from my desk to the master bedroom I've just used an extra dining room chair.  I would love a fun chair to brighten up my corner.

I love this West Elm chair, but it's only in red and brown and although it's on sale for $169 that's way more than I want to spend.  

I found another chair at IKEA that's only $49.00.  It does come in white and a fun yellow color, but I think the yellow is a little too bright.

I also found this chair at Target which is priced in the middle of the other two at $99.99.  I love the style and it's exactly what I want, but doesn't come in a color that would work in the room.

I'm starting to think that maybe I'm being way to picky!  I have a feeling picking a chair is going to take way longer than I anticipated.

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