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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Remembering Ireland and Organzing shelves...

Two years ago my husband was lucky enough to go to Ireland on a golf trip.  Me, well....I stayed home with the kids and animals to hold down the fort.  Even though he went during their rainy season he was still able to take some amazing pictures.  Ever since he came home from his trip I have wanted to display some of those pictures.  Months and months went by until I finally took advantage of a Shutterfly special and ordered four 8 x 10 photos.  I then picked up four frames at IKEA, which then sat in the closet for another couple of months. This weekend I finally got around to framing and hanging the pictures.

Obviously, these pictures do not do the photos justice.  Anyone that has ever tried to take pictures of a picture knows it is not an easy task.  Especially, when they are already framed. 


I used my laser level and tape measure to make sure they were all evenly spaced. 

The sign on top the pictures says "Slainte" and means good health.  It is commonly used as a drinking toast in Ireland.  Of course my husband said it many times and felt the need to bring a sign home.

While I was at it I also organized a few things on the shelves behind his desk.  Since this is my husbands space most of the items are golf related or meaningful to him.

The boxes were bought at IKEA and I just added scrapbook paper to label and organize some of his golf memorabilia.

 The tokens were from one of his golf trips to Innisbrook, a golf resort in Tampa, Florida.  I put them in a shadow box frame so they could be displayed.  The duck is a trophy from one of his golf tournaments.

Okay, so the door hardware and nail containers aren't really his, but I needed somewhere to put them.

This space now feels so much more organized..  It's amazing the impact a few small projects has on a room.  There is still a large pile of kids clothes that needs to be given away and consigned and a closet full of everything and anything that needs to be dealt with.   I guess I better get on that.

Still on the to do list:
-Hang Ireland Pictures
-Organize shelves behind his desk
-Find an office chair
-Find or make a cork board
- New file cabinet
-Get rid of more crap 
-Install a closet organizer and organize the closet
-Organize Gift wrap supplies

At least I can cross a few things off the list!

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