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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Handles and Spray Paint and Cords, Oh my...

I have been so busy getting my desk corner organized that I finally took a minute to get a few things done with my husbands desk.  Ideally I would like to paint the desk and get rid of the brown tone, but I think that project may have to wait till the Spring.  The desk is very large and heavy and I just wasn't in the mood to tackle such a large project now.  That meant the desk was staying as is, but the handles were a different story.  They were in rough shape to begin with, but I knew a quick coat of spray paint would change them completely.

I took the handles off then gave them a couple quick coats of spray paint.

Much better!
The desk still has a long way to go.  See the gold plated feet peeking out under the desk?  I like gold for some things, but I'm not feeling the gold plated feet.  I would love to do something about them but I think I just might wait until I paint the desk.

The other problem that I wanted to deal with was my husbands desk lamp.  The outlets are all on the left side of his desk which meant his printer and lamp were both shoved to the left of his desk.   My solution?  Hide the cord!

Can't see the cord can you?

I ran it along the under side of the desk top and nailed upholstery nails into the wood. Problem solved.

Now my husband has a ton of room for his laptop and papers!

Still on the to do list:
-Hang Ireland Pictures
-Organize shelves behind his desk
-Find an office chair
-Find or make a cork board
- New file cabinet
-Get rid of more crap 
-Install a closet organizer and organize the closet
-Organize Gift wrap supplies

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