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Saturday, October 5, 2013

DIY Drawer Organizers...

I decided to start off the office organization with my desk and little office corner.  The desk that I use was actually my great grandfather's that I painted black years ago.   As much as I tried to keep it organized the drawers were always a mess.  Whatever landed on top the desk that I didn't know what to do with ended up in the drawers.  I had to do something about the drawer clutter and realized quickly that I needed some dividers.  I remembered seeing a post about cereal box drawer dividers on IHeart Oragnizing and knew they would be perfect.   Jenn is so organized and creative and is always a great source for inspiration.  I loved her dividers so much that I wanted to duplicate some for my desk drawer.  The best part?  I didn't have to spend a penny to get my desk organized!  I just grabbed a few boxes that we had in the recycling bin.

Cereal Box Dividers

I measured and cut the boxes to fit in the drawer, figured out an arrangement that I liked and picked some coordinating scrapbook paper.

I followed Jenn's instructions and used two separate pieces of paper and double sided tape to cover each box.  It only took a few minutes to get all four boxes covered.  Once I had the boxes done I put them in the drawer and was ready to organize.  I really liked the decorated boxes, but the drawers were still a little boring.  So, I ended up covering the bottom of the top three drawers in white and gray chevron contact paper.

I love how neat and organized they are. Now I just have to work on keeping them this way!

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