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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thrift Store Redo...

While I'm still patiently waiting for my new bedroom rug to be delivered I thought I'd share a thrift store project and a sneak peak into the progress in my bedroom.

First let's start with the thrift store chair that I made over.   I was on the hunt for a new desk chair and had a certain look in mind.  I wanted something that had a cushion I could recover and that wasn't too big.  I checked my local Goodwill, but their not always the best for furniture.  So, I headed to a thrift store down the road.   I was all excited when I saw an old chair stuffed up on top a shelf.   I quickly pulled it down and knew it was exactly what I was looking for.  It didn't have a price tag so I took it to an employee and asked how much they wanted for the chair.  I think my mouth dropped when she said $35.00!!!  What?  There was no way anyone was going to pay that much for that chair.  I was not willing to pay $35 for the chair so I left it behind and continued my hunt.  For days all I thought about was that chair.  I just couldn't get it out of my mind.  I even jokingly told my mom it would be a great Christmas gift.  I know, who asks for thrift store pieces for Christmas. 

A few months went by......

It was Christmas morning...

How excited do you think I was to find that my mom had went back and bought THE CHAIR!!!  Thanks mom! Your the best!

Yup, this is the chair!   I know, it's a sight for sore eyes now.  Just bare with me a minute.

I did this project back in January before I started the blog so there's no pictures.

I first unscrewed the seat and threw out all the old foam.  I cut new foam, covered the foam in batting then stapled it to the original wood seat.  I then cut a piece of fabric to cover the new foam and batting.  Make sure you pull the fabric tight then staple all the sides first, leaving about a inch at each corner.  Then fold the corners in and staple.  

Now it was time to do something about the ugly chipped green chair.  A couple coats of black paint and it was looking much better. 

Once the paint was dry I screwed on the new seat.

I used it as my new desk chair for a few months until I realized it would work perfectly in my master bedroom. 

Remember I posted about my master bedroom makeover plan?  Yup, I got the walls painted, mom made the curtains and I sewed covers for the Euro pillows.  I still have to find a few pillows for the bed, order fabric for the bed skirt and find or make some wall art. 

Now, back to waiting for my rug...

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