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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Frame, meet nail heads....nail heads, meet frame...

First, I just have to say that I am so excited to share this project!  I have been slowly working on my 5 year old daughter's room replacing a few things here and there.  Her room has always been green and purple since she was a baby (my husband said no pink!)  Three years ago when we found out I was pregnant with my son we turned her VERY large bedroom into two rooms.  Her original bedroom had two closets, two windows and 2 air vents.  Apparently, when the house was built in 1978 it was an option to have 2 or 3 bedrooms. The previous owner went with the 2 bedroom option.  Weird, I know! 

After her room was divided I just kept her green walls from when we painted her nursery.  The only changes I made were to change the purple to Fushia and add some pink accents.  Fast forward a few years......and I'm ready for a change.  I love the look of navy, pink and gold.  I have slowly changed a few accessory pieces, made her new pillows and mod podged letters for her wall. 

Here's where the frame comes in...

She has had this small frame hanging on her wall that was the same color as her furniture.  It was a gift and worked perfectly for her room at the time.  I liked how it looked, but was ready for something that wasn't so matchy matchy.  Enter spray paint, frog tape and furniture nails.

I removed the back and the glass first...

I then sprayed a few light coats of white spray paint.  Don't get carried away with the spray paint.  If you spray too much at one time you'll get drips and the paint won't look even.  I am impatient so I know how it is to want to do it all at one time.  Just don't do it! 


I let it dry for a few hours before working on the corner detail.  I measured and inch and a half from the corner of the frame and taped off all 4 corners using frog tape.

I applied a few coats of navy acrylic paint until I got full coverage.

Make sure you pull off the frog tape while the paint is still wet.

I bought these corner braces and smooth brass furniture nails to add to each corner of the frame.


I'm not sure of the final placement of the picture, but for now it works.  Her room is still in the "progress" stage since her walls are still green. I plan on painting her room when we get our hardwood floors redone.  It will be much easier to paint when it's empty! Hopefully, (crossing fingers) that will be done in the Spring.

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