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Monday, September 23, 2013

DIY Activity Board...

My son is very much like me in many ways.  One of which, is his love for tools and getting involved in home projects!  He has his own kid tools, but always wants to play with the real deal. Whenever I do a project he has to be right there with me to offer his "help". 

(Tearing out trim in hallway)

(Measuring for studs in the dining room for board and batten)

(Drilling nails in the boards for the new deck)

(Measuring for new trim)

His "help" soon turned into him wanting to do things himself and sneaking off to remove switch plate covers and screws from door hinges.  It was not uncommon for us to find screws laying around the house and then have to figure out where they came from.

After this incident of me catching him removing a switch plate cover, I knew I had to do something.  I've seen activity boards on other blogs like Young House Love (my favorite blog by the way!) and decided to make one myself.

I started out with a left over piece of 1 x 12.  I sanded down the edges to get rid of the sharp corners. 

I used my favorite Minwax Ebony stain

I only did one coat of stain since it covered well.  Once it was dry I applied a coat of Polyurethane Clear coat.

When everything was all dry, I laid out my hardware pieces in an arrangement that I liked.  Owen has been into locks and keys lately, so I added two latches that he could lock. I also added a knob that I screwed in from the back of the board.  This way he can unscrew the knob and screw it back on.

The entire project cost about $20.00.  It is money well spent if it keeps him from unscrewing items around the house!  Anyone else make one of these latch/activity boards? 

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