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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Defined Space for Kids...

I've shown you bits and pieces of the space in our basement that is dedicated to my two kids.  (here and here )  Now, you'll get to see the rest of their space and how their toys are organized and stored.  I try really hard to keep the toys upstairs hidden and out of site.  Don't get me wrong, they have a TON of toys upstairs.  They are just either in an ottoman, drawers, baskets or the large storage box.  I like upstairs to be clean and organized, but downstairs it's nice to have their toys displayed and easily accessible for them.

As you walk down the stairs the area straight ahead is the kids area. 

The train table is a must in our house! I store my son's larger trucks underneath so they are out of the way, but easy for him to get to.

On the wall by the train table are two white magnetic boards that I picked up from IKEA for $12.99 a piece.  I covered both boards in fabric and usually hang the kids artwork on them.  There are also magnets in the attached basket that they can play with on the board.

The bookcase holds most of the kids books and toys.  I like to keep the books easily available so they can just pull them off the shelf and look at them anytime.  The small toys I keep together in plastic bins from Target.  Each bin is labeled with what's inside to keep clean up easy and all pieces together.  

Moving further down the room is a tall laundry basket that I use for the kids bats and outside balls.  I like to keep it by the door so we can just grab a bat and ball and head outside!

The toy box in the corner houses all my daughter's dress up clothes. 


Next to the toy box is their art table

Turning around and going back upstairs is a GoodWill find that I painted.  I was looking for a piece of furniture that looked nice and had lots of storage.  I keep the kids school papers, extra art supplies, paints, stickers, etc. inside.   No one would ever know that it's packed full of kids supplies.

I believe that kids should have their own space that they can build, imagine, create and just be kids.  In saying that, it doesn't mean it has to look a mess.  I have tried hard to create a space that is comfortable for them and neat enough for me.  I think I meshed both here and love how this space turned out for them.

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