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Friday, May 30, 2014

Sleep Happens

My son is three and a half and apparently it's not cool for three years olds to take naps.  After months of fighting with him to take a nap, I finally gave up.  Even though he so desperately needed them, it just wasn't worth the fight.   I realized we were both much calmer and happier if I let him crash on his own when he's completely exhausted.  Just the other day around 5:00 he fell asleep on the sofa while watching one of his favorite shows.  I had asked him if he was tired and of course came his famous words "I not tired."  Uh, sure your not.
Thankfully, our entire evening wasn't ruined by him falling asleep around dinner time.  

A few days later it happened again,
and again...
When my kids were babies I could just stare at them all day while they slept.  Since they're my own kids it's not stalkerish, right?  Is that even a word?  There's just something so incredibly sweet and innocent about sleeping babies and kids.   I know these random nap times won't last forever, so until then, I'll continue to take picture after picture of my little guy sleeping.  It just never gets old...

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  I'll hopefully be working on my pallet project and a few other small house updates that are half finished.  

I'm linking up this post over at Bower Power in honor of her picture party challenge.  This month's challenge was SLEEP, in case you couldn't tell :)

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