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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

{Kids Clothes} Donate, Sell or Give Away

One of my least favorite Spring projects is clearing out my kids closets of all their fall and winter clothes and replacing them with new Spring and Summer ones.   My method involves throwing everything on the bed and going through each item one at a time putting them in piles.   Not the most organized way to handle the transition!  I end up making a huge mess and usually want to just walk away from it all.
So, what do I do with the old clothes that no longer fit?  I feel very fortunate to have a boy and girl, but that means I don't have hand me down clothes from year to year or clothes that I need to save.  As I'm going through their closets I tend to make three piles: Consign, Donate, Give Away.  

Name brand clothes (Children's Place, Gymboree, Baby Gap, Old Navy, etc) that are in style, less than a year old and stain free get taken to a local kids consignment shop.  By putting them on hangers, buttoning buttons, zipping zippers and making sure they are all clean gets me 50% profit.  The company that I take clothes to sends out checks 3 times a year.  I then use that money to help purchase new clothes for my kids.  It's a great system that has been working for the past six years.

Another way to make a few dollars is to sell clothes at a yard sale or online.   We typically don't have yard sales too often, so in an attempt to keep the clothes clutter down I tend to consign clothes over selling them.  I find that even though I'm only making 50% profit, the clothes sell for more than what they would at a yard sale and I actually make more money. 

Give Away:
I give away clothes to friends that have kids and would benefit from hand me downs.  I only give clothes away that are in good condition and I know their kids will wear.   The consignment shop that I use are extremely picky, so there are many clothes that I can't consign that are still name brand and in great condition.  I'd rather give these clothes to friends that will benefit from them than donating.  

Clothes that I may have picked up from Target, Walmart or Goodwill, all get donated.  I make sure the clothes are clean and in good condition.  Even though you don't get a check or cash in your hand like consigning or selling, donating is a great way to give to others.  Not to mention, it's also a nice taxable right off.

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  1. Ugh, the seasonal wardrobe changeover--I hate doing it too!! So smart to be able to roll the money from the last year's clothes right back into clothes for the next year.