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Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Favorites and a Few Recent Buys...

After a few warm days this week I've been dreaming of planting flowers and getting the deck all prepared for Spring and warmer weather.  About two years ago we finally built our deck and use it almost daily when the weather is nice.   As much as I wanted to buy all new furniture and pillows when the deck was done, I resisted the urge and used what we already had.   This year I hope to add a few new pieces and spruce it up just a little more.


The first thing I would love to do is replace the rug that we've had for about four years.  It's old and after being left out in the elements, it's definitely time for a new one.   I love this Threshold River Lattice rug and at only $60 for a 5x8 I think it's well worth it.  

Our current patio set is similar to this Better Homes and Gardens set from Walmart and has orange cushions.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to replace the cushions this year, but if I were I would love to get the Threshold green and yellow floral pillows for the love seat and chairs.  


I don't really want to worry about bringing another cushion in when it rains, but if I had a covered porch or patio I would love to have a few of these comfy outdoor poufs.

On a totally separate note....

I splurged (yes, $80 for two coats is splurging for me, don't laugh) and bought not one, but two jackets at Target the other day.  I went in for batteries and mouthwash and came out not only with the batteries and mouthwash but two jackets, a skirt and about five tops!  Why does that always happen when I go into Target?  I ALWAYS walk out with way more than what I went in for.

I justified the skirt as a necessity for work.  If it's comfy enough to lounge around in and also wear to work than it's a win win in my book.

(click on the pictures to take you directly to the link if you want to check them out)

Have a lovely weekend!

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