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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

{DIY} Photo Garland...

The other weekend we celebrated a dear friends 30th birthday.   We threw her a surprise party at a local restaurant and had such a great time celebrating.  I'm always down for a project, so I volunteered to make a photo garland to display some pictures of the birthday girl with her closest friends and family.  I had a lot of fun (and laughs) going through pictures and working on this project for her.

I started out by taking a trip to Michael's to pick out my supplies.
I wanted a more sophisticated look, so I ordered the photos in black and white and went with black, natural and gold tones.

I used decorative scotch tape to cover the clothespins, which in my opinion is much easier than cutting individual strips of scrapbook paper and using glue.  I laid the tape on top the clothespins and cut off the excess with an x-acto knife.   I knocked out about thirty clothespins in just a few minutes.  

I went simple with the pictures and attached them to scrapbook paper using self adhesive photo corners.  I did enough pictures to make three garlands that each held about ten pictures.   At the end of each garland, I made a slipknot and hung each one from hooks that were already on the wall at the restaurant.     

The photo garland was such a fun way to share pictures of the birthday girl with all her friends and family that love her.  

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