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Monday, September 2, 2013

Preparing for a crazy school year....

I hope you all are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I spent some time getting the "kids corner" in my kitchen organized for back to school.  We have a very small house that unfortunately does not include a mudroom.  Oh, how I wished I had one.

So, the only option I had was in the kitchen next to the refrigerator.  We recently moved our microwave above our stove, which left us with this tiny empty space where the microwave used to be.  It was a great option for a make shift drop zone mud room.

The sign was a find from HomeGoods and works great for my daughter's book bag and lunch bag. This way she can hang up her bags and we know exactly where they are. 

On the side of the refrigerator I found two magnetic file holders at staples for about $5.99 a piece.

I added a label for each one of my kids.  This way when they come home I can just take their papers out of their book bags and put them in their files.  A much better option than piling them on the counter!  At the end of the week I can file the art work and important projects/papers into their storage bins and trash the rest.

I used cheap IKEA frames ($3.99 for 2) to display my daughter's schedule. I wanted something with plexiglass (glass is not a very kid friendly material for this project) and it had to be inexpensive and lightweight.  I just typed up their schedule, popped them in the frames and attached magnet strips to the back. DONE!

If were ever unsure what's going on that day, we can just check the schedule before we run out the door. 

 There you have it!  Cheap and easy school organizing.

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  1. What a great use of space. I have 3 boys and have a similar set up, but you have put the icing on the cake with the frames and the overall look. Thanks